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Grasping at Water Review

Grasping at Water

Grasping at Water by Carmel Bendon
My rating: 1 of 5 stars


I received a free copy of Grasping at Water (Carmel Bendon’s debut novel) and in return I am to write a review. Just because the copy was free does not mean I am not going to express my honest thoughts of the work. Personally, I found it a confusing read with adjectives being used unnecessarily and to the point that they overpowered the scenes; I felt that some of the dialogue was unrealistic and (much to my disappointment) I found a great deal of grammatical faults from the very beginning of the book which were easy fixes, no doubt on account of lazy editing. I felt absolutely no connection to any of the characters either.
I was disappointed when I began to read as I had high expectations for this novel – I enjoyed the synopsis of the story and was excited to get to know more. However, I did not even finish it. Within the first few pages, I found the story to be overkill and was no longer interested. Grasping at Water is not a novel I would pick up again or, to be frank, that I would recommend to others.

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